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Today’s market demands more than just providing qualified candidates and filling vacancies. It demands great hires who contribute to the long-term. That is the ultimate measure of a successful recruiter relationship.

Whether seeking an On-Target / On-TimeTM military recruiting solution or an Eagle-Eye SearchTM for experienced talent from your industry, Absolutely American, Inc. recruiters produce results that get you the most from your recruiting dollar – The results you want, the experience that feels right.TM

Eagle-Eye SearchTM

Special Forces for Finding Special TalentTM

“Elite” means selecting great people, training them rigorously, and sending them to complete difficult jobs requiring skill, courage, and discipline. In recruiting, that means engaging passive candidates with real conversations to find the match with our client’s needs and culture for great long-term fits. Eagle-Eye SearchesTM specialize in identifying and recruiting the most exceptional candidates in the manufacturing, energy, and high-tech engineering services industries.

We go where others fear to tread TM

On-Target / On-Time Placement ProgramTM

Military-Experienced Talent…On-Target & On-Time TM

Second, only to referrals from existing employees, military veterans consistently rank as the best source of great long-term employees by hiring managers and human resource professionals alike.  Absolutely American, Inc. pioneered and perfected its exclusive On-Target / On-Time Placement ProgramTM to help employers maximize efficiency and effectiveness in finding and attracting the right military-experienced candidates they need to reach their goals. Absolutely American, Inc. recruits military-experienced talent directly from where the candidates live and work developing relationships with candidates up to 3 years in advance of their availability to industry.

Defenders of Excellence


Absolutely American, Inc is hired by many of the nation’s most well-respected manufacturing, energy, and high-tech engineering & services companies. What makes these companies special is a steadfast commitment setting and maintaining a standard of quality that they refuse to compromise in the people they hire for their most important groups, and these companies trust Absolutely American, Inc. to deliver the candidates who can make stronger contributions to their teams and prevent them from hiring the wrong people into critical roles. Whether a large company trying to maintain a culture or a small to midsize enterprise trying to add talent without compromising standards, it remains our mission to defend the excellence your team has worked so hard to build.

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