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Life-Changing Transitions

Absolutely American, Inc. is hired by and does business with some of the nation’s top-performing companies in the manufacturing, energy and high-tech/engineering services industries. These clients have caught recognition for the strength of their engineers, managers, quality and service teams, and  they  have made a commitment to quality in the people they hire that they refuse to compromise. These companies they trust Absolutely American, Inc. search the industry to find the best and most appropriate players for their team while protecting the culture and standards of excellence they have worked so hard to build. 

Our Eagle-Eye Search consultants are dedicated to helping the best peer-reviewed industry professionals grow their careers and improve their lives by leading them to roles where they can make greater contributions and engage more of their skills with a company whose culture and work brings out their very best. 

“Life-Changing Transitions” means making a positive and profound impact on those we serve by leading people to roles that better enable them to do more of what they like in environments that better match their value systems.

Industry Focus:


Production, Maintenance, Warehouse, Facilities, Quality, Materials Management/Buyers, Project Managers, EH&S professionals, and more for a Wide Variety of Verticals.

Industry Focus:

High-Tech / ENGINEERING Services

Engineers, Technicians and Leaders in OEM & Third-Party Providers of services in CNC Machine Tools, Lasers, Automation, Robotics, Medical Imaging & Radiation Therapy, Biomedical Equipment, Construction, Fire Protection/Sprinklers, Building Automation & Controls, HVAC, Back-up Power and Conversion, 3-D Printing, Pollution Control, Mechanical Equipment, Semiconductors (Manufacturing and Equipment), Data Centers, Mobile Telecommunications, Machine Vision, Autonomous Vehicles, and more.

Industry Focus:


Engineers, Operators, Maintainers and Project Managers in Oil & Gas Exploration and Production, Midstream, Pipelines, Refining, and Transportation, Electrical Power Generation (Nuclear, Fossil and Renewable), Fuel Cells, and more.

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