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Recruiters of high-performance professionals from manufacturing, energy, high-tech engineering services, medical equipment technology and military-transition sectors.

Life-Changing Transitions

No baiting with jobs. No pressure to accept. A career is too important to make a bad move. Our goal: Strong matches that bring happiness and long-term success to a career.

Guardians of the Standard

It takes years to create a culture of excellence but only one bad hire to destroy it.  We protect your culture like it’s our own.

Military-to-Civilian Transitions

Recruiting top-performers among junior officers and enlisted maintenance specialties. Succeed in transition and beyond. Opportunities with some of America’s best companies.

The Absolutely American Advantage

Fully-integrated industry search and military recruiting – the most appropriate candidate for your role.

Improving Recruiting Outcomes

Metrics-driven approaches to help you get the best return on your time, money and resources.

Life After the Military

Through the military transition and beyond. Absolutely American, Inc. can help you make the right career moves throughout your entire civilian career.


Absolutely American, Inc. – Automator engages Eagle-Eye Search(TM) services to find high-performance managers, engineers, sales, and technical professionals for many of the nation’s most respected manufacturers, integrators and users of robotic and automated machinery and control systems – companies who have  committed to building and maintaining cultures of excellence and only engage search firms who consistently meet their standards.

Absolutely American, Inc. – Military identifies and selects the most highly-skilled technicians, leaders, and engineers from select portions of the U.S. Armed Forces that have long histories of distinguishing themselves in commercial industry for their ability to adapt quickly add value to companies with high standards.

Our practice focuses on the following disciplines within our industry specialties:

  • Leadership and Management of Manufacturing, Projects, Programs, and Supply Chains
  • Engineering Design & Integration
  • Lean, CI, and Systems Analysis
  • Sales and Sales Management
  • Maintenance and Field Service Engineering of Automated Manufacturing, Warehouse, Medical, Electrical, and Energy Equipment  
  • Building Automation, Controls, Alarms, and Fire Protection



Active duty military and military veterans:  Junior Military Officers and Enlisted Technicians from maintenance specialties.




Recruiting for management, engineering, and sales professionals.  OEMs, Integrators, Engineering Firms, and supporting organizations who manufacture, install, maintain and support robotics, autonomous guided vehicles, factory automation, medical technology, I&C, electrical systems, and similar for manufacturing, distribution, energy, electrical products, facilities, and medical technology sectors.




Consulting and other services supporting leadership, continuous improvement, training, recruiting and retention.


Absolutely American, Inc.

Life-Changing Transitions

The Job You Want to Do.
The Place You Want to Be.
The Life You Want to Live.

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