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Transition Through Retirement

01. Before

Right now

Everyone leaves active duty at some point. A little advance planning contributes to better employment options and less stress. We’ll help you set up a plan to get what you want and guide you a path to help you get it.

02. During

Your last 6-9 months

It’s time to execute. We will help you build a resume that sells your most marketable qualifications and provide you training to help you win the jobs you want to start your career. Once you are within a few months of your last day in uniform, we introduce you to the opportunities that fit what you want.


Absolutely American for life.

The civilian transition is just the beginning. Regardless of how you find your first job, staying connected with your Absolutely American consultant will help you accelerate your civilian career with the right opportunities at the right time.

Absolutely American, Inc. is trusted by many of the nation’s most respected high-tech engineering services, manufacturing and energy companies to recruit the best and most career-focused military-experienced junior officers, maintenance technicians and enlisted leaders for roles that allow them to use more of the skills developed during military service and beyond. If you are serious about your career and the kind of work you want to do in a post-military career, register here to start the process.

Military-to-Civilian Transitions

Eligible Military Members

Junior Military Officers

  • Service Academy Graduates
  • Navy Nuclear and Conventional Power
  • Degreed Engineers
  • Surface Warfare Officers
  • Combat Arms, Infantry, Armor
  • Signal Corps & Engineering Officers
  • Aviation & Maintenance

Enlisted Maintenance Specialties

  • Electronics and Fire Control
  • Navy Nuclear Power
  • Electricians – ship/sub, aircraft, utilities
  • Turbine, Pump, Hydraulics Mechanics
  • Engine, Compressor & Track Mechanics
  • Biomedical Equipment Techs
  • Others similar

Senior/Staff NCOs

E-7 to E-9
  • Maintenance Leadership
  • Maintenance Planners/Schedulers
  • Classroom Technical Instructors
  • Safety Programs
  • Inspection Teams
  • Equipment Troubleshooting 

Life-Changing Transitions…

Absolutely American, Inc. serves some of the strongest and most recognized companies in the nation. In spite of the many exceptional products, technologies and processes that define these companies, the real distinction between these companies and others remains the strength of their engineering and leadership staff and their deep appreciation for the way that a person’s skills and character are developed through military experience. Matching highly-skilled and accomplished military veterans with companies whose culture and needs fit creates an environment where military veterans can achieve success and happiness in both life and their work. Military veterans have repeatedly used “life-changing” to describe their experience with us. We want this to be your story, too.

Military-to-Civilian Transitions Made EasyTM

The Career You Want - The Help You Need to Make it Happen.

Career Building Assistance

Military-to-Civilian Transitions

Transition Planning – Avoid disaster.

A little thought and a few short discussions pay off big.


Resume Preparation

Resume Preparation – A good resume is both easier and harder than you think. We can help.


Interview Skills Training

TAP gets you to first base. We help you hit it out the park.

Job Opportunities

Custom-fit to your plan & schedule to fit your busy transition timeline.

Opportunity Analysis & Negotiation

We teach you analysis and help you maximize your value.

On-Boarding Assistance

Now that you can live. We can help you set-up your new life.