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Absolutely American, Inc. and its affiliated organizations were founded to provide a venue to exercise free enterprise and faith in providence in service to companies who need great people and great people trying to grow their careers.  The foundation of this company is built on the rock-solid belief that providing quality service and experiences to the people who interact with us will meet the needs of our consultants and this company in abundance.

If you are an employer, this means we take the extra steps to increase confidence that the person who fills your job is the right fit for your company.  We make commitments; we pursue our work with determination and grit, and we believe in being held accountable for results.  We communicate, and we provide the information you need to make good decisions even if that means it works against us.  We track metrics in everything we do, and we are obsessed with quality and improvement at every level.  We take our work seriously, and we occasionally make mistakes.  We own those and make our best efforts to fix those problems to our client’s satisfaction while making sure we address root cause issues.  We want to earn your business, trust, and confidence for the long term, and we want you to enjoy a better experience in the process.

If you are a person looking to make a change from your current role, this means your consultants will never try to manipulate you into taking a job that is not right for you, and you will never feel hostility for turning down an offer. Your consultants will provide counsel to guide you to a path to help you get what you want and avoid pitfalls based upon their knowledge and experience, and if you are honest and open with them, they will help you succeed in this “free agent” world of opportunity.  It is our objective to be your first choice as the firm you trust for all of your career transitions.  Our most common feedback is how enjoyable it is to work with a recruiting firm that actually listens, and particularly among our transitioning active duty military candidates, we are humbled by the referrals we get not just from those we place into their first jobs but those who take their first civilian job through another source because of the exceptional experience they had in working with us.

This is the Absolutely American standard of excellence, but more importantly, it is the substance of our beliefs and the evidence of our faith in providence that the work we do will be honored.  We look forward to serving you.


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